Gilrose White Coat

The white coat has been a symbol of compassion and dedication for over 100 years. It is synonymous with medicine and science, but those coats were designed for men and have always been boxy, stiff, and oversized. The Gilrose White Coat has been reinvented by a woman for everyone with fit, function, and quality as the foundation of our design.
We have come so far in a century.

The Gilrose White Coat coat is beyond anything you have come to expect from a lab coat. It has all of the functional features including pockets, water resistance, wrinkle resistance, and great stretch for comfort, yet it looks like it belongs in your wardrobe.
You deserve to look this good.

We know how hard you have worked to get to where you are. Whether you are 100% self-made, or you have had some help along the way, you deserve to wear this coat.
Wear it with pride.

Our Story

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